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Shine like no one this summer

The sun is what every morning wakes us, the wake-up call of nature. And although it is present 365 days a year, its protagonism comes in summer, when it gives us its heat and its greatest splendour.

What would happen if that glitter from the sun we adhere to some shoes? From La Siesta, where we make the shoes with much love and dedication, we had that doubt and decided to try it.

Thus is born Sol, the model that follows the metallic trend of this spring-summer. You can find it in three tones: gold, silver or iridescent.


However, the one has a special shade, something that makes the material reflect many different tones in a single model. In addition, we accompany with the bag Calahorramade with the same material.

The good thing about these shoes is that it mixes the traditional with the new trends and from it, born something as wonderful as this set.

You can use both, bag and espadrilles, for any occasion and shine like no one. In jeans or a dress. Even for a walk on the beach. Or if you prefer it for a party in a field. For everything you can imagine! Remember that the sun is present in our day to day and gives us that energy and light that we need, and the moment these espadrilles inherit their name can also do it.

This summer don’t stay behind and give a chance to Sol Iridescent, and if you want to accompany it with the Calahorra Bag and give you a total look to bright, better than better!

Like walking on sunshine!

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