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Summer is still OUR...

Summer is still our... it is a reality and is that the temperatures reach values over the normal ones in good part of the Spain. For this reason, it is increasingly common to use the word to refer to this one epoch of the year "veroño" - term that fuses the summers and autumn stations.

Because of it, it is one good moment to use your espadrilles, a footwear that marks trend and that is still very fashionable since they do not limit themselves to being a flat basic footwear, but they are versions deluxe. And because of it today we bring one of our more special models: the LUNA. Luna symbolizes the perfect mixture between the classic slippers and the espardeñas of jute that in addition has a touch of sheen. With them you will be able to enjoy the quality, comfort and freshness of these gray rubber-soled slippers cords for woman. In addition, you them can find in three colors GREY, ROSE and BEIGE the whole luxury to create your better looks.

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