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Mondays with a pair of Siestas aren’t so bad

The world is divided into two kinds of people. The ones who hate Mondays. They just hate them. After a weekend full of fun, rest or simply free time, it’s hard not to oversleep and go to work. Do most people just want 5 more minutes?

Then there are those who see Monday as the best day of the week. They actually do! Better than Friday or Sunday. Those people see things differently. Fridays kick off the weekends, and weekends mean fun. On Sundays they can rest as much as they want (or need). Yes, but their optimism makes them see Monday as the day when they have the whole week before them, full of opportunities.

We could say that there are clearly two groups: those who see the glass half empty and others who see it half full. Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Anyway, La Siesta can’t help but admire the second group. But we also understand the first group, they work hard too but they love their free time. They obviously work to live but don’t live to work.

Be that as it may, at La Siesta we want to be positive and make Mondays more bearable for all. We believe that by adding a touch of colour to Mondays they’ll be much easier to bear.

So, put on your new Siestas! Don’t wait till Saturday to wear them for the first time, Saturday is cool enough as it is. Wear them on Monday and add colour to the first day of the week. If you don’t do it, no one else will.

And if you hate Mondays, maybe you’ll never get to love them, but we can tell you for sure that wearing a stunning pair of espadrilles on Mondays will make it not so bad...

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