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The best thing about espadrilles is...

Sometimes we ask ourselves, what’s the best thing about our espadrilles? Is it their comfort, casual feel or timeless style?

Our brand will never ever compromise on comfort. Because there’s nothing worse than a pair of espadrilles (or any other type of shoe) that hurts your feet. That’s why La Siesta have gone the extra mile to design espadrilles that are so comfortable you won’t even realise if you’re wearing them or not. This is the key feature of high quality footwear.

But what’s the best thing? Maybe their materials? If there’s one thing that characterises La Siesta, it’s that the brand only works with quality tools and materials to take its products to the next level. Every model features jute, hides or leather, making the brand stand out from the rest.

But if we keep thinking about it, we find another key factor behind our traditional espadrilles. Something unseen. Something latent. It’s not only the dedication and effort put in the finishes, but also the determination to maintain and preserve the tradition that proudly honours the Made in Spain seal.

It’s the Mediterranean spirit that invades us when we put them on. It’s our personal touch that completes each model, whether for men or women, from the most elegant to the most casual designs.

Undoubtedly, La Siesta is the sum of all that we have listed, but we certainly wouldn’t be the same if we betrayed our principles, if we went against our traditions and origins.

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