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Are you La Siesta?

‘What a weird question’, some may say. But we insist: Are you La Siesta? Don’t worry, it’s easy to understand, and your answer won’t be ambiguous. Here are some questions and thoughts. You just think about your answers. At the end of the post you’ll know what your final answer is and if you’re La Siesta or not.

Do you like tradition? By tradition we mean everything that makes us what we are, all those experiences lived since our childhood and that shape our personality.

Are you in favour of innovation? And now you’ll say, ‘How can I be traditional and pro-innovation? Doesn’t one thing contradict another?’. The truth is, it doesn’t have to. We can be very traditional and keep our essence intact, while innovating, evolving and improving. This is how we reinvent ourselves without losing what makes us unique, special and different.

Is comfort your thing? By comfort we mean the simplicity and convenience of everyday things that make our life easier. Opting for practical things that don’t add undue complications.

And finally: constant, daily work, yes or no? Yes or no to effort, commitment and a job well done? If you answered yes to all the questions, you are, without a doubt, La Siesta. Congratulations!

Because our brand is sure about one thing: we maintain tradition in our espadrilles by filling them with the Mediterranean spirit. However, we’re also committed to reinventing ourselves to adopt the new trends to please all our customers. Our Spanish east coast espadrilles are not only a reinvented tradition, but also a benchmark for top quality, comfort and resistance. It’s the only way to create La Siesta espadrilles. The only way La Siesta works.

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