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A dream under construction.

And it all began one summer afternoon, with the sea breeze on my skin and the sound of the waves reaching my ears. Then, I took a deep breath and, almost without realizing, closed my eyes.

In the Levante, a unique enclave full of ancient cultures, where good life and customs are part of the DNA of its inhabitants, LA SIESTA is born from an idea of Jorge Navarro Pertusa, member of a family that is dedicated to the footwear industry over 25 years at the forefront of brands such as Gioseppo.

But Jorge conceived La Siesta as more than just a shoe brand, but as a whole lifestyle based on the Mediterranean spirit.



The Alicante Levante is much more than sun and sand. It’s a unique context, full of traditions, culinary delights, trade, orchards and fishermen; impregnated by a rich cultural heritage where east and west converge. Where the heat marks the personality and customs of its people and is defined in an essence that lives in its streets, is seen in its people, is smelt in their kitchens and, of course, is enjoyed in their siestas. That’s why La Siesta is made in Levante, but above all, is made of it.



La Siesta internalizes the purest essence from Levante based on its traditional footwear but reinventing it. Shoes with centuries of tradition: designed for everyday work, comfortable, resistant, and created with natural materials, light, fresh fabrics and a basic but effective pattern. Because from the natural, the basic, the authentic, arises new sophistication.


Close your eyes and begin to relax... You’ll find it difficult to wake up from La Siesta.